Ralf Behn is one of Australia’s leading health, longevity and disease prevention experts. He is also a captivating and inspiring motivational speaker, coach, facilitator, best-selling author, mentor, advisor, trainer and corporate health consultant.

As Founder and CEO of the “Australian Institute of Health and Nutrition”, Ralf is truly passionate about helping, supporting, advising and educating people to live disease free, in perfect health and happiness and how simple and fulfilling the journey to lasting health and longevity can be.

As a three times bestselling author and co-author, Ralf draws on decades of experience and research in the health industry to bring out valuable insights for people who want to get healthy and fit. His presentations and workshops are action-packed, deliver strong advice and leave people motivated to start living a healthier life.

Ralf’s motto is “Never, ever give up”. He is committed to helping people uncover the secrets of living a fit and healthy life by taking small sustainable steps. His motto drives him to be the best he can be – personally and professionally and produce the same excellent results for his clients.

Ralf is an expert in Peak Performance Biohacking, Holistic Health, Anti-Aging, Longevity and Disease Prevention. He is truly passionate about helping people to reach their full potential – disease free, full of energy, happy and in perfect health.

Ralf is also the founder of Samurai Fitness, a popular and brand new health and fitness revolution loved by people of all ages & generations taking charge of their health and fitness. The active pursuit of health and wellness has made him a true adventurer – Ralf has travelled to over 35 countries and hiked through the deep, green forests of Canada, Alaska, the Amazon Jungle, and South Africa.

One thing that sets Ralf apart is that he really walks the talk and applies all those health-embracing procedures in his daily life and has done so for over three decades. As one of Australia’s leading Biohackers he takes regular ice bath, sauna, daily cold showers plus exercise and he also holds the National Record in Hard Dry Fasting (No food, No Water & No contact with water) while working, exercising and completing all day to day activities.

Ralf holds several Martial Arts black belts and has taught over 10,000 hours of hard-core training to students of all ages. Ralf also competes as an extreme athlete in full contact combat sports and revels in adventure seeking adrenaline sports like jumping out of airplanes and 250-metre bungee jumps. Ralf has served in the Army, lead numerous Elite Boot camps and been a bodyguard for national celebrities.

Ralf is a versatile and professional keynote speaker and health consultant for small, medium and large organisations (private, not for profit and public sector). He delivers laser-focused information within a bigger picture to get people to think differently about what it really means to become healthy and live an amazing energy-filled life. 


Ralf is an expert in Excellent Customer Service. Having a passion for outstanding customer service, he wrote his thesis – a 110 pages document – on excellent customer service. Studying and researching numerous award-winning corporations, 5-star hotels and organisations gave him great insight of what excellent customer service really means, looks like and how to achieve it.
Most people have experienced really bad and poor customer service and how awful and almost painful it feels on the receiving end. Ralf is teaching and preaching a positive, elegant and warm-hearted customer service mind with the aim of outstanding and unforgettable customer service to turn customers and clients into raving fans.
Ralf’s expertise and knowledge as a health and lifestyle speaker can help your organisation to climb to the top by energising your employees with new ways of thinking. His workshops will supercharge your employees to live their best lives, ultimately benefitting the whole organisation and its profitability.
Ralf brings an almost unmatched mental and physical fitness and incredible energy to the table that will inspire a change-seeking individual to take immediate, massive action in the right direction.

With his love of extreme sports and the desire to test the limits and himself, Ralf has also jumped the highest bungee jumps in the world such as the 260m bungee jump in South Africa and the legendary 130m bungee jump out of a cable car in New Zealand.

Martial Arts and hard training have been an important part of Ralf’s life since age 8 when he started to learn different martial arts such as judo and wrestling. Ralf is now not only holding several black belts in different martial arts such as karate, kickboxing and jiu-jitsu and is a teaching Sensei but is also still an actively competing fighter in full contact combat sports such as kickboxing, submission grappling and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Ralf is the oldest competing extreme athlete in Australia, competing in different full contact combat sports, even in the young men’s over 18 years division where he faces younger and stronger competitors half his age or even less, which makes Ralf stand out and a living and inspirational testimonial to both young and old.

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