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Ralf Behn is truly an inspirational and charismatic keynote speaker with a unique ability to lighten up the room with his personality, presence and charisma. His energetic and entertaining keynote presentations will leave you feeling motivated beyond measure, inspired and full of energy.
Ralf is a true thought leader on holistic health, disease prevention, longevity and peak performance strategies but also on courage, inner strength, leadership and resilience.

Are you ready to fire up your function, event, conference or retreat?

Ralf is a true powerhouse and has been empowering people of all ages his entire life.  Ralf is walking the talk and his authenticity and zest for life shines through not only in his life-changing message but also in everything he does.

Much more than your average and boring speaker

Ralf brings an amazing energy and genuine value to your event, tailoring content and examples to suit your sector or industry.

Ralf is the author of two bestselling and life changing books. Ralf has the deep desire to help people to live an amazing, disease free life, experience true joy, and happiness on a daily basis.

Ralf knows very well that the more you seek the uncomfortable the more you get comfortable with the challenges life throws at you. That is the reason Ralf engages in crazy activities such as sky diving, wild water rafting and fighting. Ralf is also holding the Australian record in Hard Dry Fasting (no water, no food and no contact with water) which truly is a decent test for your body, mind and soul.

Ralf speaks at conferences and events outlining the key problems and key solutions that will transform the productivity of your business. Ralf tackles tricky and inconvenient topics in plain English, transforming complex issues into clear and actionable insight with the aim of intelligent solutions and lasting change.

Ralf is aware of all the marketing induced, misleading information out there when it comes to diet, health and disease prevention and communicates with deep focus to educate modern society and bring clarity. There are three things that he would like to achieve and that is:

Removing the fear of illness and replacing it with confidence in health and longevity
Removing confusion and replacing it with certainty and clarity
Mobilise people in pursuit of a better and healthier future.

The clock is ticking and we do not have time to be slow on ourselves. You are your biggest asset!

Aligning your why, what, where and when will bring the whole magic of YOU to life. The world needs you to step up and the choice as always is YOURS! Let us learn and discover how to have it ALL!

Ralf has done the hard yards of studying the human body and mind for over 3 decades in order to achieve peak performance in all areas of life. He understands the difficulties and challenges workers, top and middle management in organisations face in today’s fast pace business world, which as we all know, are poor work-life balance, high stress, poor sleep, depression and negativity, low motivation and even lower workplace morale.

We need to understand that a healthy, happy and productive workforce is the future and lifeblood of every business and organisation. Audiences leave inspired to move forward and take immediate action to make necessary changes.

“I have known Ralf Behn, the Health Presenter, for approximately 15 years. During that time, I have seen Ralf speak on numerous occasions, and I even shared the stage with him at a number of events.

Ralf is an inspirational, knowledgeable and entertaining speaker.
He loves to empower people and get results. Not only does he walk his talk, he is also one of the healthiest, fittest and happiest people you will ever come across. Ralf has that special gift, he connects with people on a deeper level and helps his audience make changes easily, in order for them to achieve long term results.

I highly recommend Ralf as a keynote speaker for any event or conference. I also highly recommend Ralf for any health and fitness related coaching or training purposes, for any audience including business or management teams.”

George Faddoul - NLP Trainer, Author

The driving force and key for Ralf is combining inspiration with practical solutions, moving from just wanting to actually doing something, shifting audience mindsets and attitudes with authenticity, high energy and humour. Ralf’s outstanding keynote appearances are perfectly designed for each and every occasion, creating maximum impact, exceeding audience expectations and getting the results you always wanted.

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