Mentoring and Coaching Programs

Ralf has personally worked with thousands of people and is in the top 1% in Australia for record-breaking feats of endurance and stamina. Ralf walks the talk every day; there are no theories and zero excuses for failure.

Ralf lives and breathes what he teaches and every day he perfects new skills that make him one of the most sought after mentor and coach in the industry.

“It is all about results”

Ralf has been consulting with groups and individuals one-on-one for over
thirty years and has worked with people from all walks of life. Ralf will help you break through your
limitations, resolve your health challenges, set realistic goals and empower your life.

Mentoring can be provided in a range of ways and is agreed on a case-by-case basis between the Mentor and mentee.  Mentoring is certainly not a one size-fits-all exercise.

Before the mentor-mentee relationship evolves, Ralf will determine areas of  improvement and focus and where help / support is needed.

A specific plan has to be formulated and tailor made to the mentee and a timeline for completion has to be set and agreed to. The length of the coaching and mentoring programs varies from
individuals to groups depending upon the skills, habits or awareness that we are going to develop.

The programs usually run between 3 and 12 months. Regular face-to-face meetings are very important and mentors and mentee should meet at least twice monthly and ensure that there are no interruptions.

Ralf’s mentoring and coaching programs are a very valuable service for all middle managers, senior
managers, executives and CEO’s. Mentoring can help all leaders as they strive to improve their own
management skills as well as the experiences of the people they lead.

There is no doubt when working on new skills and/or implementing new health embracing habits or
behavioural changes under the guidance of an experienced mentor and coach, who has perfected all
that results will come much faster than you can ever imagine.

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