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Working with Ralf is a magical experience. He knows humans and human behaviour inside out. He has done it and he has been there. Nothing can beat experience paired with knowledge and an unbreakable spirit with a will to change and succeed.

Ralf is real, honest, bold and enlightening. He can pick you up right where you are on your journey of life and health and help you to get to the next level with ease.

He knows how hard it can be for some people to break free and change. Changing your habits, your behaviour, and your lifestyle can be a big challenge. There is the common fear of change, there is uncertainty, insecurity and there is inconvenience. You have tried but it did not seem to work.

When your unchanged, unhealthy environment keeps threatening your good and well set intentions and goals, reminding you constantly of your old patterns, steering you back into old and familiar tracks, behaviour and habits that didn’t serve you and still don’t serve you, lasting change can indeed be hard!  

Deep inside you – you know you must do something different to get different results. Keep doing the same things and expect different results, is not very smart and has never worked. The desired transformation of how you think, feel and ultimately behave happens in the blink of an eye, in a moment. Sustaining and maintaining the change on the other hand takes consistent and focused effort over time.

We live our lives mostly on autopilot reacting and responding to circumstances around us rather than designing an awesome life. Gaining a deeper awareness about why we do what we do to ourselves by living an unhealthy, self-sabotaging and often time’s even self-destroying life allows us to loosen our grip on how we think things should be and work.

Frustrated, depressed, discouraged and demotivated you put the thought and desire to change aside looking for external solutions while the ultimate answers are right inside you. Trying again and again and over and over numbs and weakens you and you lose control and motivation.

Raising our consciousness and living more consciously gives us the space to question what we’ve always done, create health embracing habits and therefore open doors for new things and new thinking patterns.

Ralf often jokes: You bring the music and I will teach you the steps. So let’s dance!

Playing the 50-50 game will never serve you! What we want and aim for is the 101% dance – 101% in and committed, not even looking back! Transformation is your access to lasting change. The key to lasting and permanent change is Confidence and Commitment.

Ralf is often called upon to facilitate seminars and training workshops with the aim to design new thinking patterns, develop healthy habits and behaviours and create a sustainable shift in all participants, which will then lead to powerful and empowering actions in the right direction.

Multiple half-day to a whole day workshop sees Ralf take your team on to a completely new level, questioning the status quo and old beliefs that never served nor benefitted anyone.
Each individual will be filled with clarity and with a renewed commitment to behaving in a productive, high-performance way and therefore building an elite high performance team and culture.

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