Weight management seems to be the greatest cause of confusion for the entire nation! But Why??

Weight management seems to be the greatest cause of confusion for the entire nation! But Why??

The typical Australian diet is a sad testament to the rampant physical and mental decay of one of the most prosperous nations on earth. As our consumption of genetically modified organisms, junk foods, processed and artificial foods, chemical additives, mass production farm animal products laden with a toxic extra load of chemicals, white products (sugar, white bread, white rice etc.) and toxic pesticides has increased, our health – the single-most important resource – has deteriorated.

Let’s quickly take a look at relatively recent statistics. It is actually worse as we speak since the weight-gain madness as increased in 2020 over those 3 years. Those numbers are very concerning, alarming and very risky!

The shocking truth is that 2 in 3 (67%) adults were overweight or obese in 2017–18—36% were overweight but not obese and 31% were obese. One in four (25%) children and adolescents aged 2– 17 were overweight or obese in 2017–18. 60% of men and 66% of women in 2017–18 had a waist circumference that indicated high risk of metabolic complications. Australia had the 8th highest proportion of overweight or obese adults aged 15 and over among 23. According to AIHW – Australian Institute of Health & Welfare = Overweight and obesity is a major public health issue and a leading risk factor for ill-health in Australia.

Weight management seems to be the greatest cause of confusion for the entire nation. Every day, we encounter an endless and disappointing barrage of contradictory opinions and opposing interpretations of practically every aspect of nutritional science. Almost every week, a new diet craze, such as the ‘burger diet’ (you can eat burgers only), or the ‘cake diet’ (you can eat everything except cake), or the ‘you-name-it diet’, comes into vogue, each one hyped as the all-knowing answer to our hip pocket and waistline woes. One person tells us to eat such-and-such and you’ll live forever and be slim, sexy and lean! Then there’s another person who says, ‘Don’t follow that diet! That’s crazy – you’ll die!’

Both these voices, contradicting each other, come from “health experts” or even medical doctors who have qualifications and extensive knowledge, and I’m sure they are nice people who have the best intentions. Then you hear about yet another guy who says, ‘Oh, my gosh! Don’t follow the advice of either of those people! Those two guys are absolutely crazy! What they say is utter nonsense and dangerous for you, so here’s what you should do . . .’

For the average person, because of all this contradictory and often times marketing induced misleading information we’re constantly bombarded with, we find it very confusing to decide what’s best for us. And what’s worse, if you desire not only a slim, slender and trim physique but, even more importantly, vibrant, perfect health, the waters become even muddier. Everyone seems to be an expert nowadays, and everyone, including your neighbours, your family, your colleagues, your hairdresser, your friends and your doctor, seems to know what’s right for you. Not only do people think they know better than anyone else; they’re absolutely certain about the truth behind their piece of ‘wisdom, because it was on television or on the radio or in a magazine, or it was mentioned briefly by the local pharmacist’s assistant.

One self-proclaimed ‘all-knowing expert tells you that protein is the most important aspect of nutrition, even though there hasn’t been a single recorded case of protein deficiency in the entire Western world. We eat like horses, but we worry about protein. At the same time, another intelligent expert tells you that something else is actually the most important aspect of human nutrition, such as fats, carbs or minerals or lifesaving super-supplements. Sometimes, experts in their field of health like to use complicated Latin words in their explanations or presentations or in diagnosing conditions. Even though use of difficult words can sound important and impressive (and no doubt confusing!), the fact remains that we’re mostly addressing and attempting to treat only the symptoms rather than the actual source of the problem.

Hordes of self-proclaimed healers, scientists, nutritionists, doctors and fitness experts fill bookstores and crowd lecture circuits with convincing tales of the one and only recipe for health and longevity as well as stories of the indisputable virtues of antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, essential fatty acids, enzymes, low-carbohydrate diets, high carb diets, super-foods, super-supplements or some other silver bullet that’s sure to annihilate all your health, ageing and weight issues. Most of these speakers and authors peddle dubious information, and we must also bear in mind that most of them have strong economic ties to their specific nutritional approach, which always includes complete programs, supplements, pre-packaged meals (extremely healthy, of course), super-foods, motivational workshops and seminars and a wide assortment of fancy accessories. Show me the money, baby!

Within you is a power that will astonish you! This moment is most likely the last moment of the way you used to be, used to eat and used to live your life. Within you are the seeds of greatness, of discipline, of excellence, of beauty, of unconditional love and of your destiny.

Be the very best you can possibly be, and always remember you’re not in competition with anyone else. The word ‘compete’ is derived from Latin, and means ‘to seek your own personal best’. Be the person you always wanted to be, and lead by example. In all the places I’ve had the opportunity to influence people, at university, in gyms, at workplaces and in sports teams, I’ve changed lives, habits and behaviours. I didn’t necessarily change them because of my knowledge and expertise in the fields of nutrition, fitness and living holistically, nor by preaching, judging or blaming, but by leading by example, living the dream, walking my talk, showing the light and demonstrating a solution. Become a leader for your family, friends and loved ones! You owe it to yourself!

If you could have One wish for yourself, your family, your friends and the whole world in that case….. Wouldn’t it be Vibrant & Unbreakable Health, Happiness and Longevity for all of them??

Let’s do it! The answer to the puzzling misery out there is surprisingly easy! Let’s just do it one bite and one move at the time :-)!

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